Malaysian Psychologists

A psychologist in Malaysia has to be registered with the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council and have a valid practice certificate. Most clinical psychologists also join the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. Counsellors, on the other hand, have to register with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia, which regulates counseling services in the country. Other specialisations in psychology, however, do not have to be registered. Despite these challenges, they help a psychologist to develop dedication, tenacity and integrity.

Psychology is a study of the mind

There are many different fields within psychology. The goal of a psychologist is to understand, describe, and predict human behaviour. The methods used to analyze and explain these behaviors differ depending on the specific subfield. Some psychologists work with individuals experiencing mental health problems to help them improve their lives. Other psychologists work for government agencies and in corporations. Some even work for entertainment companies like Disney and Cirque du Soleil. In addition, psychologists can even work for a sports team, such as NASCAR.

It is an arts discipline

The education system in Malaysia considers psychology to be an arts discipline. Students who decide to pursue a career in psychology will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree instead of the Bachelor of Science degree that they may receive in the western world. Graduates of arts schools usually specialize in social, cross cultural, industrial, or organizational psychology while graduates of science schools specialize in neuropsychology or physiological psychology. Some private universities offer BSc programs in psychology as part of twinning programs with universities in the UK. Sunway University College in Malaysia offers a BSc in psychology in collaboration with Lancaster University in the UK.

It is a science

In the education system in Malaysia, psychology is a science, but it is also regarded as an arts subject. A bachelor’s degree in psychology earns a graduate a Bachelor of Arts (BA). In western countries, graduates can choose to specialize in either neuropsychology or physiology. In Malaysia, however, there are also private universities that offer a BSc in psychology through twinning programmes with prestigious UK universities. These universities have excellent programs that can give students an understanding of the human mind.

It is a profession

Unlike in many countries, Malaysia has an association for psychologists, the PSIMA. This organisation is responsible for maintaining standards of practice and ethics in the field. The association’s members are required to be licensed by the Malaysian Medical Council. It also has a strong commitment to the mission. Become a member of PSIMA today and gain access to the benefits of a career in psychology. You can find a list of upcoming conventions on its website.

It is a branch of science

The study of psychology in Malaysia is a combination of the theoretical and applied branches of the subject. The theoretical part of the discipline involves studying human behaviour and mental health issues. The applied part is concerned with applying this knowledge to improve people’s lives. Psychology students may opt to specialize in different fields such as social, cross-cultural, industrial and organizational, and forensic psychology. In Malaysia, some private universities have twinning programmes with leading universities in the United Kingdom and offer a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree.